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VIO & DVA for Pope Francis visit in Bologna

On October 1st 2017 Pope Francis visited Bologna, Italy.
A one-day visit during which Pope Francis met several organizations of the city. After landing at Bologna heliport, the Holy Father met refugees and migrants at the hub facility, where hundreds of people listened to his words of hope. The speech has been powered through a system of 6 dBTechnologies Opera speakers. After the "Angelus" in Piazza Maggiore and the luch with the poor in San Petronio Cathedral, Pope Francis met students of Bologna University in Piazza San Domenico. More than 3000 people welcomed the Pope in the L shaped Piazza where Radio Sata Service set up a line array system comprised of 8+8 VIO L210 line array modules plus 4 DVA T8 modules on the left part of the piazza. 2 delay towers with 12 DVA T8 live array modules were positioned on the other side of the piazza.